Twitch Bot

How to use?

TibiaVipBot is a verified Bot for Twitch and was created to facilitate interactions between Twitch and Tibia and help streamers to promote Tibia even further.
When using it, users can get all information about characters, guilds, worlds and much more directly from the channel chat.
TibiaVipBot only enters the chat when invited and can only be invited by the channel owner. To invite him, just send a whisper to TibiaVipBot with the !join command.
After inviting him, grant moderator privilege so that he can send messages and avoid any kind of suspension.
If you want to remove the BOT from your channel, just send a whisper to TibiaVipBot with the !part command.

Chat Commands

!online - Shows the number of users online in Tibia.
!rashid - Shows the location of the rashid.
!boosted - Shows the boosted creature of the day.
!world <WorldName> - Shows information about the World and the number of players online.
!guild <GuildName> - Shows Guild information and number of players online.
!char <CharacterName> - Display Character information.
!death <CharacterName> - Shows the Character's latest deaths.
!transfer <CharacterName> - Shows all world transfers since 2018.
!namechange <CharacterName> - Shows all Character name changes since 2020.
!share <Level> - Shows the sharing range for that level.
!bless <Level> - Shows the bless price for that level.
!dice - Displays a random number from 1 to 6, as a die.

TibiaVipBot is already on 619 Twitch channels.