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Emeryci Bandyci Emeryci Bandyci
0 Adra
Braderhood Braderhood
0 Adra
Old Honor Old Honor
Guild De Habla HispanoSomos NeutralesNo Queremos ProblemasAyudaremos Hacer Quests y Eventos Servicios Etc.No queremos Pk/player toxicos/gente problematica.Tenemos DiscordHablen con el lider o viceliders para ser invitados.Gracias Old Honor
0 Adra
Wipe Out Wipe Out
1 Adra
Druzyna Wojtka Druzyna Wojtka
0 Adra
Victory Victory
62 Adra
Dementors Dementors
Guild for Spanish, English and Br.
3 Adra
Ljecim Ljecim
0 Adra
Reformed Reformed
We are an English speaking guild and open to applications. Our goal is to protect eachother, do raids, bosses, quests together, and form a friendship. We don't have a level restriction. Apply now!
66 Adra
Fellowship Fellowship
English speaking neutral guild. RPG orientated and always looking for people who are hunger for the same! We have currently a Discord channel available.
21 Adra
Szajka Szajka
2 Adra
Bloste Solutions Bloste Solutions
0 Adra
Insatsstyrkan Insatsstyrkan
0 Adra
Aliance Unity Forever Aliance Unity Forever
0 Adra
Alleanza Alleanza
Procurando players BR!! Mande msg in game!
0 Adra
Langar Golvet Langar Golvet
Vi är en svensk guild där man ska kunna känna sig öppen och att allt är transparant mellan alla medlemmar.Vi jobbar inte mot varandra utan med varandra.Golvkyssarn jobbar ständigt med att fixa unika guild perks.Neutral Guild.
6 Adra
Pretty Boys Pretty Boys
6 Adra
Laast Warrning Laast Warrning
,,Tego co tu zdobylismy na bank nikomu nie damyChcieli nas klasyfikowac, wychodzimy poza ramyGramy do jednej bramkiNie podrabiane gangi, ale normalne chlopaki , co poznali zycia szlakiDziekuje tym mordeczkom, na które moge liczyc"
5 Adra
Majciarze Majciarze
7 Adra
Plackarnia Plackarnia
0 Adra
Goats Goats
0 Adra
Zielone Oko Aje Zielone Oko Aje
3 Adra
Airglow Airglow
Gildia PVP. Organizujemy tez teamhunty i questy dla czlonkow gildi. Teamspeak wymagany. W sprawie dolaczenia skontaktuj sie z ktoryms z liderow.
94 Antica
Alanui Institute Alanui Institute
Founded in 2018, The Alanui Institute mobilizes resources and tools for ideas and actions that transform Tibia. The institute work with leaders and social organizations and a global network of supporters to promote equality, social justice and opportunity in form of art for all players. It has classes in literature, acting, painting, sculpture, music, interiors and flowers design. It also work with various services on behalf of the community. The headquarters is on Harbour Street in Thais.
124 Antica
Almans Almans
Komm, Junge, lach mit.
31 Antica
Arroz com feijao Arroz com feijao
Arroz com feijão é um prato muito popular na América Latina, no Caribe e nas comunidades latinas, sefarditas e caribenhas de outros países. Devido à natureza básica de seus ingredientes, existem receitas de pratos em muitas partes do mundo.
199 Antica
Band of Outlaws Band of Outlaws
29 Antica
Black Covenant Black Covenant
Black Covenant is a group of close friends. We are neutral, do not PK and do not abuse power. We show respect to all players. However, we do strike back when attacked! We are friends with the guild Rakins. For communication we use Discord. If you think you can contribute to the guild, you can apply here. You generally need level 200 and decent English skills, but your activity, social values and interaction are equally important.
280 Antica
Black Covenants Outpost Black Covenants Outpost
23 Antica
Black Dragons Black Dragons
The sky has shifted color tonight, by the blood of our fallen enemies. A dark gathering is held, in an ancient cave far away from mortal eyes. If you look deep inside the eye of the dragon, you will discover a sorrow no words can describe. The world is no longer close to what it used to be, and we strive to protect those left of our kind. But nothing seems to still the constant hunger deep within our souls. Once again we will spread our darkened wings over the lands of Antica.
45 Antica
Brotherhood of Bones Brotherhood of Bones
Greetings dreamers, we are the Brotherhood of Bones. Respect, loyalty, trust. Join us if you want to become a part of our brotherhood.
12 Antica
Butla Knyciarzu Butla Knyciarzu
83 Antica
Champions Champions
18 Antica
Circle of Mages Circle of Mages
Hello Wanderer
17 Antica
Combo Creators Combo Creators
72 Antica
Czarne Pantery Czarne Pantery
Zapraszam wszystkich chetnych ktorzy szukaja STALEGO teamu do wspoolnego pykania, robienia questow, dostepow, i roznych innych accessow czy bossow. 200 lvl i wymagany DISCORD ! Po[Z]drooo
24 Antica
Czyste noski Czyste noski
11 Antica
Donuts Donuts
37 Antica
Exercitus Exercitus
8 Antica
Familia do Toze Familia do Toze
67 Antica
House of Pain House of Pain
27 Antica
Huntsman Inn Huntsman Inn
• The Inn: Located in cobblestone Iron Alley in picturesque Venore, the Huntsman Inn offers a popular archery shop specializing in diamond arrows & spectral bolts, and charming rooms. Amenities include a lobby with all house upgrades, meeting room with bar and catering service, and a balcony café. • The Guild: We offer help to novices getting started around the Venore area. Be part of a flourishing community! Submit a detailed application about your goals in Tibia under our official page.
9 Antica
Initium Novum Initium Novum
12 Antica
Klick Klick Boom Klick Klick Boom
5 Antica
Last Legion Last Legion
50 Antica
Legio Libertatis Legio Libertatis
Strength and honor, wisdom and glory. Famed for our discipline, loyalty and organisation.
11 Antica
Loremasters Loremasters
We are teachers & gatherers of knowledge. We teach new heroes the basic things of life in Tibia. We try to help low level players to form adventuring parties & guard newbies on their first steps in a dangerous, unknown world.
40 Antica
Mam Cie Mam Cie
6 Antica
Never Back Never Back
Spanish Guild Open For Recruitdavid peres
81 Antica
New Day New Day
It's a new day....
86 Antica

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