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Watch Os Watch Os
Guild neutral, aliados de Never Surrender
4466 50 Havera
Battleye Open PvP
Acord Os Acord Os
3534 98 Quintera
Battleye Open PvP
Guerribro Guerribro
3059 89 Guerribra
Battleye Retro Open PvP
Bald Dwarfs Bald Dwarfs
[ENGLISH SPEAKING GUILD] » The oldest guild from Fidera & the largest community on Gladera! ••VISIT OUR GUILDSITE TO JOIN•• This Guild is for fun, team hunts, helping friends and collecting gold. We are from many backgrounds and we believe that this game is more entertaining when you can share it with others. • NO cheaters • NO thieves • RESPECT • is our guild motto! This is part of how we make our world a better place.
2753 20 Gladera
Battleye Optional PvP
Reappers Reappers
Never Surrender.... Dios le da la victoria al ser constante... Server Won - Talera - Ysolera - Wintera (Pending) War win against; New era 2013-2015 by K.O Justice: 2015-2017 by K.O Ruthless: 2017-2020 By K.O Kha OS: 2017-2020 BY K.O System win; Swat Vs justice WM 50 vs 50. 463-349. (Justice surrender) Server Won; Julera; 2016. Vs Dream team. Reapper found by Dilun, Kymura and Franck in 2014.
2685 30 Talera
Battleye Open PvP
Eternity Eternity
El poder es siempre peligroso, atrae a los peores y corrompe a los mejores
2666 35 Solidera
Battleye Open PvP
Quelibraland Quelibraland
2639 108 Quelibra
Battleye Open PvP
United United
2625 83 Ferobra
Battleye Open PvP
Loyalty Loyalty
2147 32 Pulsera
Battleye Open PvP
Diamond Reappers Diamond Reappers
As I told you, that glitter wasn't gold...
2143 46 Wintera
Battleye Open PvP
Reapers Reapers
Fear the Reapers.
2028 14 Peloria
Battleye Open PvP
Counterplay Counterplay
1942 55 Inabra
Battleye Open PvP
Godslayers Godslayers
EGO is your biggest enemy.
1888 9 Lobera
Battleye Open PvP
United Pune United Pune
1884 43 Inabra
Battleye Open PvP
Unstopables Unstopables
1748 36 Solidera
Battleye Open PvP
Obscubra Pune Obscubra Pune
1741 122 Obscubra
Battleye Retro Hardcore PvP
Lutabro Lutabro
LUTABRO! Always in a never-ending war!
1736 72 Lutabra
Battleye Retro Open PvP
Army Airdrop Army Airdrop
We took over this ship.
1699 33 Lobera
Battleye Open PvP
Tornabra Encore Tornabra Encore
1668 64 Tornabra
Battleye Open PvP
Insanity Insanity
1620 0 Quelibra
Battleye Open PvP
Utobra Encore Utobra Encore
1513 98 Utobra
Battleye Open PvP
Bombra Encore Bombra Encore
1501 51 Bombra
Battleye Open PvP
We dont mind We dont mind
Can I have a minute of your time? I would like to talk to you about Nevermind, we are a war guild used to be dominating before and now we are comming back with all power. Are u tired of ur guild? Join ours
1322 25 Vunira
Battleye Open PvP
Jacabra Pune Jacabra Pune
1277 41 Jacabra
Battleye Retro Hardcore PvP
Non Lifers Non Lifers
1246 16 Premia
Battleye Open PvP
Retro Delusion Retro Delusion
1229 18 Retalia
Battleye Retro Hardcore PvP
Triumph Triumph
IP TS: yubra.expto.com.br
1171 131 Yubra
Battleye Optional PvP
Vitality Vitality
1149 64 Serdebra
Battleye Open PvP
Bastex Bastex
This is what it's like when worlds collide. Till the end. Servers Won: Carnera - Firmera - Mykera - Kardera - Flamera - Wildera (Pending). Retr Os: 03/2019-08/2019 by K.O. Dinastia De Perrones: 03/2022-10/2022 by K.O. Firmera WM 365-183 by K.O. Dinastia Camba: 04/2022-08/2022 by K.O. Rifas Don Gatyo: 08/2022-10/2022 by K.O. True Hope: 05/2023-11/2023. Opression 10/2023-1 week by K.O. Watch The Throne: 02/2024-Pending. Bastex founded by Dillon, Saez in 2019.
1060 15 Firmera
Battleye Retro Open PvP
Jadebraland Encore Jadebraland Encore
1052 58 Jadebra
Battleye Open PvP

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