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Summer Update 2024
Jul 01 2024 CEST

nce again, the summer update has landed, and we dare you to dive into the new adventures waiting for you:

Believe it or not, Sweet Dreams will take you to a magical place in Tibia flowing with milk and honey. In this dreamlike area called Candia, they throw a carnival so marvellous, it will make your head spin and your sweet tooth tingle with delight. The catch? The carnival only opens when every Candian is back to their carefree, sugary selves. Do you have what it takes to restore peace in paradise?

Meanwhile, in a darker place, Dr. Marrow has returned, and he has unleashed the Rise of Podzilla - a colossal creature that poses a dire threat to the mainland. This quest presents players with a plethora of rewarding hunting grounds, cunning challenges, and a repeatable boss fight against Dr. Marrow's most menacing creation to date. Time to send those plants to the compost heap!



The Soulpit offers a prime opportunity to prove your valour against foes from all across the Tibian lands. Slay a fiendish monster and you might obtain its soul core. Rarely, it could also drop the soul core of a rarer creature from the same Bestiary class. Now, venture into the harsh lands of Hrodmir and enter the Soulpit, either solo or with a team of up to five players. Battle wave after wave of deadly enemies and defeat the final foe to unlock Animus Mastery for this creature, providing a permanent experience boost of 2% for it. You can increase this bonus to a full 4% by mastering more creatures in the Soulpit. To support the new feature, the respawn time of fiendish creatures will be cut in half with the release of the summer update till August 06, 2024, server save. 

And what is an update without some convenience features? This time, we have added the Quick Loot Nearby Corpses feature, which lets you loot all fields directly beneath and around your character (9 fields, up to 30 corpses per field) with a single click. We have also introduced the Quick Sort Container option. Containers below the backpack slot now have a menu for sorting items by various criteria, and you can drag items to any spot within the backpack for automatic sorting. Lastly, we have enhanced the Market interface, allowing multiple categories and items to be displayed on the left-hand side for better usability.

The Fragment Workshop is a new feature which complements the Gem Atelier in the Wheel of Destiny. It allows you to upgrade your gem mods from Grade I to Grade IV to boost their power. To acquire fragments, you can either crush unrevealed gems using a specific tool or dismantle revealed gems in the Gem Atelier. This way, you can maximise the power of your gems and optimise your character for battle.

Ready your weapons and stand prepared for battle!
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