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Winners of Store Ensemble Contest
Jun 18 2024 CEST

s your imagination brimming with ideas for a theme that could elegantly thread together an outfit, mount, and house decoration item for the Tibia Store?

This was the question we presented to you at the end of April, and the answer is a resounding yes!
We received a plethora of creative, humorous, and quintessentially Tibia-like submissions. Our graphic designers had the challenging task of picking the winners from this abundant collection. The winners were selected based on the outfit, mount, and decoration item they described, as well as how well these elements matched their chosen theme. A big thank you to all participants for the passion and creativity you showed!

But there can only be a few chosen ones, so let us announce the winners. The 1500 non-transferable Tibia Coins and a CM token go to:

1st place: 
Skogul The Giant who proposed an outfit, mount and decoration item revolving around a Medieval Field Surgeon.

2nd place:
Cursed Imoth who suggested an ensemble reflecting a Vengeful Knight (blinded by a demon in battle).
Griingo Bro who submitted an idea for a collection inspired by Greek/Roman Mythology.

You read that correctly; we genuinely have two participants who reached the same number of points and tied for 2nd place. Congratulations and well done!

Now when will you be able to behold the three winning ensembles in the Store? It will take a considerable amount of time before all three of them will be available in the Store. Certainly, this will extend into next year. We will start with the 1st place aiming for a release near the end of this year.

Stay stylish, stay bold, and happy decorating!
Your Community Managers