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Wheel of Destiny: Fragment Workshop
Jun 03 2024 CEST

re you already a gem enthusiast? Have you been harnessing their power through the Gem Atelier in the Wheel of Destiny? If not, now is the perfect time to start!

Complementing the Gem Atelier, the Fragment Workshop allows you to upgrade mods to unlock the full potential of your gems. 

In the new tab 'Fragment Workshop' in the Wheel of Destiny, you can enhance your gem mods from Grade I to Grade IV to increase their power. These upgrades require a good amount of gold and fragments. Lesser and greater fragments are valuable remnants of shattered gems. To obtain fragments, you can either smash unrevealed gems with a specific tool, or you can dismantle revealed gems in the Gem Atelier. Depending on the quality of the gem and whether it is revealed or unrevealed, you will receive a certain number of fragments:

 Lesser GemRegular GemGreater Gem
Unrevealed Gem1-2 lesser fragments2-4 lesser fragments1-2 greater fragments
Revealed Gem1-3 lesser fragments2-5 lesser fragments1-3 greater fragments

Fragments are tradeable items. You can also purchase fragments from jewelry shop NPCs, though this convenient option is priced accordingly.

If thoughts of the gems you destroyed are creeping up to haunt you now, be at ease; we have you covered! For every gem you have destroyed since their introduction, you will automatically receive the corresponding amount of fragments directly in your stash with the update release.

Visit the 'Fragment Workshop' tab in the Wheel of Destiny to enhance mods and easily access all information on their grades and bonuses, enabling you to make the best decisions for your character's journey. If you click on a mod, you can check its unlocked and unlockable grades and their effects in the "Enhance Mod Grade" section. It also shows how much gold and how many fragments you need to invest to unlock the next grade for this mod. To enhance a basic mod, you need lesser fragments; for a supreme mod, you need greater fragments.

In many cases, a higher mod grade improves the specific mod bonus. However, increasing the mod grade of cooldown augmentations does not reduce spell cooldowns further but adds a chance to gain Momentum. Enhancing mods to their highest grade not only boosts your gem's power but also earns you permanent promotion points: For every mod fully enhanced to Grade IV, you will receive an additional Promotion Point for your Wheel of Destiny.

If you enhance a mod in the Fragment Workshop to a certain grade, that grade affects the same mod wherever it appears on your gems. However, this only applies if the preceding mods on the gem have at least the same grade. If the previous mods have a lower grade, the mod in question is also limited to that lower grade as you can see in the example we have prepared for you.

Naturally, the vessel holding the gem in the Wheel of Destiny also needs to have the adequate Vessel Resonance level to activate the mod. The Gem Atelier helps you quickly identify where you can further enhance your mods for maximum benefits: a special icon and a tooltip will inform you if a specific mod could have a higher grade but is limited by the grade of a previous mod or the Vessel Resonance level.

For a few further details, check the Auditorium. Also make sure to explore the Fragment Workshop on the test server which is just around the corner.

Time to (g)empower your character!
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