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Bugfixes and Content Changes
Dec 17 2019 CEST

ith today's server save, the following fixes and changes have been implemented:

  • The session time in the party hunt analyser now updates more consistenly.
  • The bestiary tracker has been adjusted which may result in improved performance.
  • A bug which has prevented some players from progressing in the third mission of the quest "The New Frontier" has been fixed.
  • The graphics of non-player red and green beds have been fixed.
  • The quest "Drain the Brain" can no longer be reset when talking to Para Norbert.
  • Rift and void carpets placed inside a home in front of the door can no longer be taken by strangers.
  • Players staying in one of the boss rooms of the warzones 4-6 after a fight will now be transported to Gnomus instead of back into the warzone.

Moreover, the price for prey creatures rerolls has been reduced to 150 gp per level.

Have fun,
Your Community Managers