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New Retro Open PvP Game Worlds
Feb 19 2020 CEST

e have exciting news for all fans of the old Open PvP system and those who want to face the challenges that brand-new game worlds have to offer!

On Wednesday, February 26, the following Retro Open PvP game worlds will be set up:

Unica (EU), Emera (NA) and Javibra (SA)

These worlds will be protected by BattlEye and will be blocked for character world transfers for a significant amount of time. Please note though that depending on how their populations evolve, it may still be possible that these worlds will be opened for transfers or even be merged with other worlds at some point of time.

Initially, only premium accounts will be able to play on Unica, Emera and Javibra.

To new adventures,
Your Community Managers