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Best-in-Slot Items Presentation
Mar 31 2020 CEST

ear players,

the feedback forms about the new best-in-slot items have been analysed and the pieces have received their preliminary stats.

Due to the sheer volume of content which the summer update 2020 will bring you, we have decided to take things a step further than just hosting a dev note: Instead, we want to talk about the items in detail now, with the stats that are currently planned for them. This will free up time needed in the external test. Four threads have been opened in the forum, each one dedicated to the items of one vocation (Druid, Knight, Paladin, Sorcerer). Due to the extraordinary circumstances, a developer is going to post directly in the threads.

There is still going to be a thread about the best-in-slot items in the external test forum, but it will only be used to gather additional feedback and not be frequented by developers since their attention will be needed elsewhere.

We have also prepared an FAQ for you where we answer pertinent questions, so please make sure to give it a read before you comment in one of the threads.

Until April 7, 10:00 CEST you can share your opinion, suggestions and criticism regarding the new best-in-slot items with us in the comments.

See you in the forum,
Your Community Managers