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Bugfixes and Changes
Aug 03 2021 CEST

number of bugfixes and changes have been implemented today:

  • Changes in the skill ranking ingame are now only updated every minute to reduce message spam.
  • The NPC Barzak is no longer only visible on the cyclopedia map, but can now be found ingame as well.
  • Black Bert now also sells suspicious documents for the Secret Service quest.
  • Trophies given by Walter Jaeger will now keep their inscription even after they have been wrapped.
  • Killing insectoid scouts no longer registers as cyclopes kills in the Killing in the Name of quest.
  • Killing perchts or schiachs no longer counts towards the Depth Dwellers achievement.
  • After a certain amount of time, players in the demon room of the Annihilator quest will now be moved to the reward room.
  • Additionally, a number of minor things have been fixed, among them some map and NPC issues.

See you in Tibia,
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