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Name Members Online World
Army Airdrop Army Airdrop
We took over this ship.
1214 25 Lobera
Battleye Open PvP
Godslayers Godslayers
EGO is your biggest enemy.
1171 35 Lobera
Battleye Open PvP
Najlepszy Justice Najlepszy Justice
Guerreros Justicieros
1146 124 Axera
Battleye Open PvP
Drim Golpe Drim Golpe
Donos de Alumbra
1145 46 Alumbra
Battleye Open PvP
Flawless Flawless
1077 53 Wizera
Battleye Open PvP
Last Revenge Last Revenge
1016 65 Ocebra
Battleye Open PvP
We dont mind We dont mind
1013 31 Vunira
Battleye Open PvP
No Impact No Impact
Just me and 6 people with no impact at all. Me and my friends want to hold our server and charlover, pls dont invade. Thanks
1012 21 Thyria
Battleye Open PvP
True Bastex True Bastex
989 10 Mykera
Battleye Retro Open PvP
Daycare Daycare
979 61 Quelibra
Battleye Open PvP
Ousabra Win Ousabra Win
966 122 Ousabra
Battleye Retro Open PvP
Ousabra Alliance Ousabra Alliance
956 63 Ousabra
Battleye Retro Open PvP
Bastex Bastex
Loyalty Before Dishonor... Never Surrender. Bastex founded by Dillon, Rod, Saez in 2019.
953 10 Firmera
Battleye Retro Open PvP
Lethal Legion Lethal Legion
Visabra só tem maluco
921 14 Visabra
Battleye Retro Hardcore PvP
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye
Seja mais Águia e menos Papagaio. O Papagaio fala muito e voa baixo. Já a Águia é silenciosa, mas é capaz de alcançar as nuvens!
856 151 Gentebra
Battleye Optional PvP
Right Way Right Way
798 78 Ombra
Battleye Open PvP
Cadebra Pune Cadebra Pune
788 67 Cadebra
Battleye Retro Hardcore PvP
Legends Legends
We are a multinational guild, dedicated to improving ourselves and the overall growth of our guild. In hopes of a better Lobera, we show respect to all that deserve it and we wish to be shown the same. We are the wise and the brave. We are Legends.
763 7 Lobera
Battleye Open PvP
Army Enterprise Army Enterprise
761 27 Talera
Battleye Open PvP
Caballeros Dorados Caballeros Dorados
Guild pacífica--- Reclutando --- jugadores activos para pasar un momento grato y de buena onda. No discriminamos nivel, solamente buscamos gente pacifica. "NO" aceptamos y "NO" toleramos botters y scammers.Si quieres ser un Caballero Dorado y consolidarte en una gran guild contacta a cualquier vice-leader que esté online o deja una aplicación. Te esperamos :)Respeto On-line y privacidad Off-line.
747 7 Calmera
Battleye Optional PvP
Bloodcrest Bloodcrest
Bloodcrest - a team since October 2011, and the result of a fusion between two guilds: Lifecrest and Blodigrove. A guild dedicated to team-hunts and playing for fun. We keep to ourselves and are recruiting.
740 5 Lobera
Battleye Open PvP
Nevermind Nevermind
739 2 Vunira
Battleye Open PvP
Dibra Pune Dibra Pune
Aceitando novos membros, para mais informações entrar no ts: dibra.tibia.run.
724 71 Dibra
Battleye Open PvP
Dreadful Dreadful
722 131 Reinobra
Battleye Optional PvP
Death Line Death Line
714 5 Epoca
Battleye Retro Open PvP
Estrellas Estrellas
****Estrellas**** ****Stars**** We are a constellation, unique and inseparable. Together with all who have gone. Always growing, glowing and shining together forever. If You wanna be a star too, join us and shine. Si quieres ser una estrella, unite con nosotros y brilla.Non pk guild. Join in guild speak leader or vice leader level 50 required.The guild was founded on Pythera on Sep 01 2010.
712 9 Havera
Battleye Open PvP
Watch The Throne Watch The Throne
700 24 Fera
Battleye Retro Hardcore PvP
Non Lifers Gbe Non Lifers Gbe
664 10 Suna
Battleye Open PvP
New era New era
New era Team,The guild was founded on Fortera on Mar 23 2012.It is currently active.Fortera siempre en mi corazón
617 1 Talera
Battleye Open PvP
Warguild Fallens Warguild Fallens
617 2 Havera
Battleye Open PvP

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