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Nine Inch Runes Nine Inch Runes
When these memories fade away, So shall I fade with them. {*} In remembrance of Tim and Thomas, fallen but never forgotten.
91 Antica
Oasis Oasis
7 Antica
Orzel Siedem Orzel Siedem
11 Antica
Reckless Assault Reckless Assault
When in doubt pour some salt.
28 Antica
Recluse Recluse
46 Antica
Rising Phoenix Rising Phoenix
You expected to be sad in the fall. Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintry light. But you knew there would always be the spring, as you knew the river would flow again after it was frozen. When the cold rains kept on and killed the spring, it was as though a young person had died for no reason. -- A Moveable Feast
117 Antica
Rosebuds Rosebuds
23 Antica
Roshamuul spolka akcyjna Roshamuul spolka akcyjna
Neutralna gildia praworzadnych mieszkanców Antiki. Zrzeszajaca zacnych obywateli, którzy dobrocia madrych ludzi przeciwstawiaja sie agresji i okrucienstwu bezrobotnych cpunow, robotników magazynowych, oraz wszelkiej masci absolwentów z call-centre. Z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia. Na ich garbach ku zwyciestwu.
22 Antica
Sagon Sagon
We are the only survivors of a cataclysmic catastrophe that demolished the island of Sagon and changed our lives forever. Eternally united in remembrance of our legendary homeland we are living as a peaceful and benevolent group of friends. A memory.
28 Antica
Satori Kouga Satori Kouga
12 Antica
Smash and Grab Smash and Grab
where the playing ends, and the gaming begins.
95 Antica
Teddy Bears Teddy Bears
Mientras ruge la tormenta, Siegmund el Wälsung, exhausto por ser perseguido por enemigos en el bosque, tropieza con una casa desconocida donde pide refugio. Sieglinde encuentra al extraño y ambos sienten una atracción inmediata. Pero son interrumpidos rápidamente por el esposo de Sieglinde, Hunding, quien pregunta la identidad del extraño. Haciéndose llamar “Woeful”, Siegmund cuenta su vida repleta de desastres, sólo para darse cuenta de que Hunding es pariente de sus adversarios.
61 Antica
Veggie Veggie
7 Antica
Vulgus Profanum Vulgus Profanum
0 Antica
Wasted Wasted
ishi action in maschichi blo
35 Antica
We dont care We dont care
502 Antica
Wolhaiksong Wolhaiksong
We are a neutral organization but also unsubmissive. We stand for what we believe is fair. |~| Currently recruiting |~|
12 Antica
Boldarz Boldarz
9 Antica
Chosen few Chosen few
Built to lastFear none
11 Antica
Pecados Capitales Pecados Capitales
23 Antica
Crayon Class Crayon Class
8 Antica
Target Target
12 Antica
Rampage Rampage
2 Antica
Vasternorrland Vasternorrland
5 Antica
Blue Blue
68 Antica
Dunder Mifflin Dunder Mifflin
Friendly and social guild that enjoys the game.All welcome to have a good time.
10 Antica
Alphas Alphas
Alphas are looking for active English speaking players (100 ) to team up and rise to the numerous challenges that tibia has to offer. We are doing everything from PVP to questing and teamhunts.PM a leader if you want to join.
55 Antica
Red Red
66 Antica
Next Next
Neutral GuildNextBoss, Hunt and Money,Next,FriendsNext,End
31 Antica
Ku Tang Klan Ku Tang Klan
25 Antica
Indestructible Indestructible
4 Antica
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas
Witam, gildia Merry Christmas jest to nowa gildia dla nowych graczy. Jesli szukasz ludzi na podobnym lvl i chcesz miec stala ekipe na TH, nie zwlekaj i wysylaj aplikacje, lub pisz bezposrednio do kogos z gildii ;)
5 Antica
Step Family Step Family
Welcome to the family.
4 Antica
Wrazchike Simaekzl Homchza Wrazchike Simaekzl Homchza
12 Antica
Egyptian Eagle Egyptian Eagle
17 Antica
Kingdom of Rookgaard Kingdom of Rookgaard
A wandering spirit appears. "Oh memory, how you play cruel tricks on me! No NO! ... this cannot be! Where has the time gone? Do my eyes deceive me? Our once flourishing kingdom has now become a ghost land; an empty barren. From the bustling streets of castle town to the calming trees that sway in our forests, an unsettling silence has consumed these sacred lands. I cannot hide in exile any longer! We must bring LIGHT to the shadows that cover our beloved Kingdom!"
46 Antica
Polish Bydlo Polish Bydlo
64 Antica
Horizon Horizon
Questy Bosy Th ! ZAPRASZAMY 200
20 Antica
Parttyzantka Parttyzantka
th,questy,Rekru otwarte
13 Antica
Non Fight Non Fight
4 Antica
Almighty Almighty
19 Antica
Sami Swoi Sami Swoi
18 Antica
Czinczaki Czinczaki
I take no response of behave any of person in the guild.Guild is made for stream fans and ppl who just want join.
9 Antica
Followers of Kazordoon Followers of Kazordoon
We are not recruting!Ennyn Durin Aran Moria.
11 Antica
Fontaneda Army Fontaneda Army
Created in February 2001 and still coexisting in the territories of Antica.We are just good friends.We play Tibia in a peaceful way, trying to help and protect each other.The friendship between us is our flag.Inmortal as the time.Inalterable as the history.Always loyal.- Fontaneda Army.
16 Antica
Friends of Honour Friends of Honour
Set into the soil of Tibia, Riverspring.Surrounded by 3 cities.We take our place and sign the book of history.For our peaceful home,our unity,our strengthand our Honour.We will stay forever,we will stand together,we are the Friends of Honour.We stay always beside Lavrance and we will play in his memorial.
5 Antica
General Levy of Sarmats General Levy of Sarmats
We are from the gentry, everyone of us is a master for himself, but together we are General Levy. We dispute in Seyms in our Guild Hall.For more information visit our homepage.See you there.
18 Antica
Green Dragon Green Dragon
The Green Dragon Inn is located directly north of Thais depot. Services include a bar with all rights, a casino with sporadic opening hours, rentable rooms and beds. We're always looking for new hires (Min. lvl: 20) to help run the inn! Visit our discord channel after you join!
68 Antica
House Redd House Redd
We are a like minded group of people coming together to make our Tibian experience better by having friends to share in our adventures. We participate in events, all major quests, boss hunts, team hunts, or just hanging out with one another and our allies. Discord is our main form of communication.~To apply to House Redd, please message one of the vice leaders in-game.~We are open for recruitment to neutral players of any level.
48 Antica
House of Salinos House of Salinos
We are descendants of Ferion who founded the House of Salinos in the reign of Tibianus I.We proudly carry his family traditions forward, setting the family and its household first, thereby servicing the Tibian society and it's better values.For the Family; by bonds of Honor and Valor
4 Antica

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