3156 guilds found.
Name Members Online World
Greenpeace Greenpeace
10 0 Zuna
Hardcore PvP
Potop Potop
39 9 Zuna
Hardcore PvP
Black Death Black Death
6 0 Zunera
Hardcore PvP
Order of the Dragon Order of the Dragon
Guild Leader OzmerinoNolofinwe Pallanen with the Guild Banner & the weary guildsfolk of The Order of The Dragon standing on upon yet another hilltop looking across yet another valley of new adventures.With sadness perhaps of this time of change and the passing yet again of fallen friends.This new adventure in a new world with a new beginning.While yet the Banner stands the goodfolk raise a glass of mead beneath the mistletoe.
110 0 Zunera
Hardcore PvP
Thais Thugs Thais Thugs
9 0 Zunera
Hardcore PvP
Rushback Rushback
344 9 Zunera
Hardcore PvP

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