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Bugfixes and Changes
Sep 08 2020 CEST

ixes for several issues have been implemented today. Among other things, the following has been changed:

  • The auction history now shows the most recently finished auctions first.
  • The description of items can now be seen in the Char Bazaar and the character auction settings ingame when hovering over an item.
  • The daily reward streak no longer resets once an auction is cancelled or finishes with no bids.
  • The minimum starting bid has been lowered from 58 TC to 57 TC. Please see our FAQ for more information on the minimum starting bid.
  • Current auctions can now be sorted by skill.
  • Outfits in the Char Bazaar now have a faster walking speed and mounts are animated.
  • Some graphical issues have been fixed.

Have fun in Tibia,
Your Community Managers